Bracket will be updated after every show. Show line ups are subject to change due to cancellations or other emergencies. All Shows start at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time. Tickers available here.


 There are 8 competing comics ( in first rounds, 6 in Semi & Finals shows), each getting 5 minutes ( 8 minutes in FINALS ). LET U KNOW WHEN YOU WANT YOU LIGHT, ( It will be BOXING BELL sound effect).  There will be a COUNT DOWN TIME on OUT MAIN SCREEN. Please be sure you keep your eye on the time and ear out for your 1 or 2 minute Light ( Bell sound ). You have up to 20 Seconds after the clock expires to finish your last joke. After that you will be cut off and will be penalized 3 points     

There will be an audience vote. where The audience will choose their top 4 comics. Points go as follows:
comic #1 gets 4 points, comic #2 gets 3 points, comic #3 gets 2 points and comic #4 gets 1 point.

There is also a Judge vote. There are 3 Judges. The Main Ref ( host ), The Headliner and a representative of a show Sponsor. Their votes go as follows.
EACH COMIC GETS rated in 4 individual categories. There are in between 1 to 8 ranking).
 1. Stage Presence, 2. Material, 3. Audience Reaction, 4. Personal Choice ( the comics being in order or preference, with no ties, by each judge).
Each audience member will be voting AFTER ALL THE COMICS FINISH, during the HEADLINER’s SET, when will collect and tally votes via chat.

After Headliner set, when votes are counted, we will name the #3 & #4 comics that get a second shot in the WILD CARD SHOW which is on Thursday February 28th, 6 pm PST. Comics #1 & #2 advance to finals, ( dates comics land on to be determined after the show).

The Top comedian of the show will get $50.00 cash via cash app, venmo or paypal.
If there are no audience members, then it’s about performing for the Judges and that $50.00 cash prize. Here is the link for AUDIENCE TICKETS:

Want to sponsor a show? Send us a message.

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